How Do Online Casino Payouts Work?

Online casino payouts are really important for even the casual gambler to understand. All casinos list these percentages publicly for everyone to see, but how many players really know what they mean? For example, do you think that if you deposit $200 with a site boasting a 97% payout percentage, you should get an average return of 97% or $194, losing only $6? Unfortunately, this is incorrect. These figures actually refer to the payout of the games themselves, not of the deposits received by the company. Read on for a better understanding of how it all really works.

Here is a helpful scenario. You sit down to a slot machine that has a 95% payout. You lose your wagered money at the rate of 5% and the house pays out 95%. Wagered money is unrelated to deposited money - you can deposit $50 yet wager $500, or deposit $1000 and only wager $15. A loss is based on the wager, not the deposit. When you bet $3000 on that 95% machine, the house will hold an average of $150 and pay the rest of your $200 deposit - $50. The house has just paid you 25%, yet the machine still had a 95% rate. Even if you find a game, any game with a 99.99% figure, there is still the possibility that you could lose all of your money.

Of course, we have to consider the flip side to online casino payouts as well. What if you do find a game with a 99.99% payout? You could put in a high wager at a really low cost - even wagering as much as $100,000 for only $10.00 on average. If you have any comp points to factor in, it's possible to turn that figure to 100% and be in a position to beat the house. You may be wondering if you need to worry about rigged machines, both online and in land-based venues. Most games you will find may not be "rigged" in the traditional sense, as they are strictly regulated and overseen by authorities, but you do have to be careful to read the fine print to make sure that the great deal you're seeing advertised is really going to benefit you in the long run. For both quality assurance and fair percentages, check out one of the best Internet gambling sites in Canada - Golden Tiger Casino.