Try Your Luck On Free Roulette Games

Roulette is a very old game with a long history. Certain rules have been changed to make the game more difficult to win, but the basics are still the same. Today, it can be found at virtually every casino in the world, including online and mobile casinos which offer free roulette games. It is one of the three major live dealer casino titles.

How to Play

Free roulette games and paid ones are all about probability. You must wager on the table by choosing one of the many types of bets that are open to you. Once your wager has been made, the wheel spins, and wherever the ball lands will determine the outcome. The chances of making huge wins isn't very high, but it is still possible to win some cash. It is also possible to lose immediately by landing on the zero. In American versions there are 36 numbers and two zero slots, effectively doubling the house edge at 5.27%. In the European variation, there is only one zero pocket, making the house edge 2.7%. Therefore, it is preferred by most to play European versions.

Inside Bets

In both free roulette games and cash variations, wagers are split into inside and outside bets. The inside ones include Straight bets (those placed on a single number), Split (two adjoining numerals), Street (wagering on three numbers on a horizontal line), Corner (four digitss on a square), Double Street (two adjoining lines), and other far less popular ones like Trios, Baskets, or Top Lines.

Outside Bets

Outside wagers are far more popular and simpler for gamers to learn. They also offer more chances of winning, although with less paying odds. Typical outside stakes include 1-18 (betting that the ball will land on one of the first 18 numbers), 19-36 (the ball will land on the last 18 digits), Red or Black, Even or Odd, Dozen (wagering on the first 12, middle 12, or last 12 numbers), Column (on 12 numerals on any of the three vertical lines), and Snake (1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32 and 34). Some of these also have French names, such as Manque, Passe, Rouge ou Noir, and Pair ou Impair.