Tomb Raider Slot Game provides unique new experience

A highly featured title right now in many online venues is called Tomb Raider: The Secret of the Sword which is a Tomb Raider slot game that simply cannot be beat. With top of the line graphics and sound effects, it takes players on an adventurous hunt for a relic of ancient times, a sword of untold value. It captures the style of the classic Tomb Raider classics and movies, while still providing a fun filled, 5 reel 30 pay line experience. Unlike other branded machines, this offering provides a linear plot line for players to follow as they spin.

This title takes the player around the world, to various mysterious locations. To reach the sword and riches, the player must evade dangerous traps, collect keys and free spins. Consecutive wins also unlock a score multiplier feature, which was award up to a 5x multiplier. This is a new and currently unheard of feature in many internet offerings, and allows the player to increase their score in ways that would not be possible in standard titles. The twists and turns of this unique game make for a fairly immersive experience. Players should also keep an eye out for Super Mode, which is a randomly triggered bonus that awards 5 free spins and sees Lara herself swing onto the board as a wild card.

The Tomb Raider slot game itself culminates in a bonus series, dubbed Global Adventure, where players have to help Lara Croft by collecting treasures and playing immersive mini games, which is a twist that most gamblers do not expect from a pokie title. At this stage, players can collect multipliers of up to 450x, making it possible, if not easy, to win hundreds or thousands of dollars. The title takes a simple reel and turns it into a full gaming experience. If players are searching for a truly unique experience in gaming and gambling, then Tomb Raider: The Secret of the Sword, a featured slot game from Golden Tiger Casino, is the best option available on the market today.