Rewards Affiliates Program for Online Casino Marketing

The Rewards Affiliates Program is really a reliable online casino marketing platform that provides you with the chance to advertise to over 29 brands with one account. This includes two internet poker rooms! There is no way you can go wrong when you register with this great group of marketers. Your commission is dependent on a real wager system which means you are compensated based off of the amount your referrals actually spend. If you are an online casino partner or poker partner, this really is one database you need to hurry and get on board with. As soon as you've referred your first depositor, you'll earn 50% commissions for the next 30 days. It doesn't get better than this.

A basic commission structure of 35% of betting is paid through the Rewards Affiliates Program. CPA can also be available and starts at $50 for each new member. A new member is understood to be an online player who deposits a minimum of $100 either at the same time or over time. This person must earn 500 raked hands in order to count for poker. You will find no admin costs or royalties and there is never any negative carryover from month to month. Rewards vendors are paid on the unique wager share model. Your commission is dependent on margins associated with each game type as well as the amount people you have referred spend. Particular games shell out more than others, thereby permitting you to generate a commission no matter when the player wins or loses.

The affiliate program software is filled with creative tools including cash parking, mailers, reviews and also the biggest selection of ad banners in the market. There is also a treasure chest of tools inside your member user interface. Furthermore, the poker sites like Golden Tiger Casino are on the Microgaming network and are a part of all network promotions. They are also tied together inside a private network and can share remote games across both poker sites. Should you host a personal freeroll tournament, gamers will have the ability to play from either of these two brands. There should be nothing stopping you from signing up and finding out more today!