Canadian Players Love Microgaming Craps

There is one Microgaming craps game at their casino, with 3x odds. This game, as well as their entire slew of titles, is available to Canadian players. The game features very nice looking graphics and realistic sounds with the announcement of rolls. You click "roll" to throw the dice, but there's no option to throw with your mouse. There are also a couple of variations on the standard payouts.

Microgaming craps has a couple of chances from the standard rules. First, Place bets to win or lose are instead called Win and Lose Bets. The Lose wagers have different payouts to standard, and are as follows: 2:5 (4 or 10), 4:7 (5 or 9), and 4:5 (6 or 8). The field bet 12 pays 3 to 1 instead of the more common 2:1.

The interface itself has the half-craps table as well as five control buttons which are Undo, Redo, Clear, Repeat, and Roll. Hovering your pointer over the table areas shows the wager type and amount. Detailed game statistics are available and show general information, such as amount of rolls and time played, plus detailed roll and dice stats.

Overall, the odds are 3x, the wagering minimum is $1 and the maximum varies. There is a freeplay mode for people who want to try out craps without delving into their pockets for real cash, and there's an option to download the platform or play the no-download flash version. Windows is currently the only compatible OS, and US players are not allowed.